Free pascal рекомендованный для проведения экзамена: tv horizont 21e07 прошивка

Free pascal рекомендованный для проведения экзамена

Originally named FPK-Pascal, the Free Pascal compiler is a 16,32 and 64 bit Turbo Pascal and Delphi compatible Pascal compiler for Linux, Windows, OS/2. Sep 26, 2015 The goal of this wiki is to be a knowledge base for Free Pascal/Lazarus and related projects. Free Pascal already has good user documentation. This document contains some information about differences between Free Pascal and Turbo Pascal 7.0 (and to some extent Delphi). This list is not complete.

Compiler for Pascal and Object Pascal, runs on many platforms: Amiga, DOS, Linux, OS/2, Win32. Compatible with Turbo Pascal, supports advanced features.


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